The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 12

Day 12: Take the first line of your favourite novel. Remove and replace the nouns and verbs, and write a story that begins with your new line. Delete the first line.

{Okay, I did a little bit of cheating. I hated how complex this seemed so I just used a random sentence generator as the first line and deleted it after I finished writing. Hope you enjoyed reading this!}

That was the story he told his lawyer anyway. He lied to everyone and the lies only piled higher and higher. Sitting in the poorly lit police interrogation room gave some time for reflection since there was so little to look at, which leads the perpetrator’s mind to wander. There were no windows present, not even a clock. He had completely lost track of the time, he just knew that he must have been there longer than an hour. They confiscated his phone and watch along with his wallet prior to entry.

The singular light was dangling from the ceiling; which gave him a headache due to its flickering. It only reminded him of a cancelled cop show from the 80s. His lower back started to ache from sitting on the metal chair, which matched the metal table his hands were resting on. The table took up most of the room which further emphasised how tiny the room truly was.

And finally, in the room was the usual one-way mirror. He knew that he was being watched. Maybe they wanted him to be left alone with his thoughts. Maybe they expected him to confess. But then again none of them knew about his sociopathic tendencies. He was done waiting. He got up from the bone breaking chair and started stretching. He slowly walked over to the “mirror” and from the other side officer Rogers was staring directly at him. He stopped in front of this officer and looked him right in the eye. “I have dinner plans. Can we get this over a done with?”

The other officers were startled; how could he possibly be looking the officer in charge of his arrest in the eye without seeing him? “People, it’s merely a coincidence.” As he briefly turned away from the glass, there was a knock, “Officer, look here. I’m still waiting.”

With that the officer stormed into the room with his partner, officer Diaz. They both knew that man waiting for them in that room was guilty. Everyone knew. But there wasn’t enough evidence. There were even witnesses but none of them were willing to step forward; they were all scared. They just needed more from him. There he sat with a smile on his face while rocking back on the chair. “Officers,” he said, “you forgot the phonebook!” He laughed at his quip. “Come on, at least give me a smile. I spent one hour thinking of something to say.”

Both were uneasy, this man had an aura about him which made the certain that he was a psycho. They exchanged glances.

“Now, don’t be strangers. Take a seat lets catch up. How’s the case? Any new leads?”

“Mr Williams, you know that we are unable to answer that question. However, we think that you may be of some help,” replied Diaz.

“You know that I am always happy to help. Don’t you, Officer Rogers?”

The silent Rogers finally spoke. “This crime the woman was violently beaten in an alleyway. There are some markers on her body I have never seen before. Who knows what else this psycho did to her. She wasn’t beaten and bruised to the extent where she was unrecognisable. Its sick, wouldn’t you agree? She was forced to endure this pain and eventually succumbed to her injuries as she died later in hospital.”

“It is indeed horrible, officer. But why am I here? We have been through this song and dance and we have established my alibi along with the authenticity of it.”

“Yes but that was before your supposed female acquaintance was actually seen shopping in a store rather than with you on May 17th like you said.”

“And where are these sources who said that? I’m guessing you have willing statements.”

“So you agree that its true?”

“No. I am telling you to check your sources as they are mistaken. I am an upstanding member of society. Along with my female associate.”

The men stared each other down until Diaz chimed in. “We are simply giving you a chance. Perverting the cause of justice is a crime and if you alter your statement now then your associate may not be in trouble.”

“If I didn’t know any better that sounds like a threat.”

Another silence that fell into the room.

“If you are down with your questions, I presume that I can take my leave?” Williams stood up to leave.

“Again officers, it is such a tragic event and send my condolences to her family. It must be hard to a single mother. Especially to someone so young. Good luck with the case.”

Rogers immediately bolted up. He grabbed Williams by the collar and pushed him up against the wall. “Cut the shit Williams. You know you did it. We know you did it. Fess up and at least that way you might get lucky and get slightly less than a life sentence.”

“Sir, I don’t think your department approves of you doing this to such a high-profile client.”

“I’m not going to tell. Diaz isn’t going to tell. And no one is going to believe a piece of shit like you.”

Diaz spoke up. “Rogers, I won’t tell anyone but I don’t want you to get into trouble.”

“Isn’t that sweet? Your lady doesn’t want you to get in trouble.”

Rogers tightened his grip. “Diaz, don’t you see. She was a minor, we disclosed no details about her. There wasn’t even a name but he knows that she lives with a single mother. With the information we have released he shouldn’t even know that she’s a minor. It doesn’t add up.”

“If you really think that’s enough to work with officer then your deluded. There’s no way they will put someone like me away for that.”

Rogers finally released him. “That may be so but you don’t know what else we have on you.”

“You’re bluffing.

“I guess you will just have to wait and see. See you in court.”


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