The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 13

The pain was excruciating

More so than any normal pain

Really, it was the contrast which was agonising

Initially there was no aching at all

Simply a dull sensation at the very least

But after seeing the first drop of the dense ruby fluid

Released from the wound

I felt it

And it was unbearable

A prolonged stabbing

Just continuing as I have to bear the never-ending torture.


Day 13: Think of the worst pain you’ve ever felt. Now give your protagonist a paper cut and over-exaggerate the pain using your own descriptions.



  1. I love how you painted a picture of such a painful event using words. It struck me deep (and it’s basically what I feel right now) Cheers to this heart wrenching read! Good luck and best wishes in all your endeavors for the writing challenge. 🙂

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